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Electrical Design Services

Ethernet NIC design
Motor control

Trace Circuits provides contract electrical design work

  • high speed digital and analog hardware design
  • embedded controller design and bring-up expertise
  • signal integrity analysis
  • evaluation and reference board design
  • schematic capture and PCB layout
  • complete system and board level verification solutions

We specialize in the design and verification of board level products for the telecommunications industry.

Some systems in which we have contributed hardware or firmware include 10Gbs XENPAK reference designs, Alteon web switches, 40Gbps and 10Gbps optical amplifiers, gigabit ethernet and SONET line cards. Our aeronautical work includes design of an airborne stepper motor controlled satellite tracking system, electronic warfare simulators, and a VME bus system to compile data from various aircraft navigation sensors.

We provide a complete solution to characterize new chip designs:

  • verification plan
  • evaluation and reference board design
  • characterization
  • verification report

Our most recent work involved development of a G709 OTN 10G muxponder product using multiple XFP and SFP ports. Previously we worked on ethernet switch cards for the IBM blade server platform. This card consisted of 18 layers and used microvia technology.

We have provided development services for:

  • 10Gbps XENPAK module reference designs using the CX4 and LX4 ethernet standards
  • firmware and hardware development of a controller board using the Atmel AVR Mega128 processor
  • multiprocessor gigabit ethernet switches with PCI connectivity
  • addition of SSL acceleration to the Alteon family of intelligent edge switches

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