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VME design
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Motor control

Trace Circuits is an Ottawa based design services company with expertise in high speed digital and analog board level designs. We specialize in the design of ethernet interfaces, SONET line cards, VME bus card electronics, stepper motor control electronics and optical amplifier electronics. We offer a range of services and PCB design capabilities.

Design Consulting
Our experience with long haul transmission products and ethernet web switches gives clients a unique breadth of knowledge on the design of these systems. We offer as much or as little input into your design problem as needed. From design documentation to delivering a fully assembled and tested PCB design, our range of services suit your requirements. The manufacturability of high volume PCB's require careful attention to the testability and self diagnostics features implemented during the initial design stages. Our design for testability experience in high volume products could save you months of development time.

Schematic and PCB Layout Review Service
We offer a schematic and layout review service for those customers with completed designs. As every product development Engineer can attest, product debug can be the most time consuming stage of a development cycle. Our review service gives you the opportunity to find problems before they take weeks of debug time in the lab.

PCB Layout
Haphazard multilayer board board design can be the bane of many good electrical designs. With line geometries down to 4mils and large dense stackups the chances of pcb introduced failures are a given unless issues like; emi reduction, signal crosstalk, hipot failure and impedance discontinuities are dealt with at the start of the design process.

Prototype testing
With our background in the debug and integration of complex systems we have the capability to quickly move your product from initial development to volume production.


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